Monday, March 25, 2019

Cold Wars Photo Dump and a Tiny Batrep

Here are my pictures from the Dux Brit game at HMGS Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA. I ran a raid on a village using my Last of the Romans supplement.

The Franks, led by Clodwig Wodenborn, were intent on looting the village and the Gallo-Romans, led by Malamus Sexus and Maximus Minimus, intent on stopping them. What started as a raid quickly evolved into a pitched battle when the Romans were able to get to the village first and the Franks were forced to dislodge them. After several combats in and around the fenced enclosure, it appeared that the Franks had the upper hand, but upon the arrival of Malamus Sexus and his Warriors on the Frankish right flank as well as the undisciplined charge of Clodwig in the center, which left him isolated behind the Roman main line and heavily weakened, turned what could have been a great victory for the ginger German into an absolute rout of his forces. Leaving over twenty men to the mercy of the Romans, Clodwig fled back into Frankish territory empty-handed and foul-hearted.

Forced to lick his wounds until the next campaign season, Clodwig was barely able to pay King Arnulf the Strange his taxes, but he knew that next year would see his fortunes returned, he just needed more men.

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