Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Greetings and Salutations!

This is the first of what I hope to be many posts on my new wargaming blog! I plan on using this blog as a means to keep myself focused on my hobby, have a place to write down painting templates, and potentially meet new people. At the moment I am focusing on modern 28mm, but you guys will be seeing whatever else catches my eye. With both Skirmish Sangin by Radio Dish Dash and the upcoming Fighting Season by Too Fat Lardies, as well as tons of fantastic miniatures out there, it is a great time to be a modern wargamer.

With that said I am going to post my first miniatures on the site, a PLA squad!

This squad is designed to be a mechanized squad, the motorized and leg infantry often have a few more guys per squad. All minis in this post are Empress' People's Liberation Army (PLA)

Here are individual pictures.

 I am especially pleased with this one. He was originally a regular rifleman, but I removed his magazine and replaced it with a drum mag sculpted out of milliput. It was very fiddly, but it beats paying for the pack that only contains one six or seven times to get one light machine gun that you need for each fire team.

For the colors, consult the below table:

Item or Area
Base Coat and Uniform
Vallejo (VMC) Deck Tan
Vallejo (VMC) Basic Skintone
Rifle and Boots
Vallejo (VGC) Black
Brown Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Tan-Earth
Green Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Olive Grey
Black Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) German Camo Black Brown
Full Figure Wash
Agrax Earthshade
Full Figure Drybrush
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand

My method was to base the uniform in Deck Tan and then apply the splotches using a piece of lichen that you can buy at a craft store. I find that this allows you to apply the splotches relatively randomly, which helps to achieve the digital camo effect. I am by no means an expert painter, but my skill has been improving!

The Bases were painted with Vallejo German Camo Beige, washed with Agrax Earthshade, and then drybrushed with Pale Sand.

Next post will be something other than the PLA as I like to hop around to different units to avoid burnout.

All hail to The War to End All Blogs!