Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Army Mules

While I personally feel that the true Army Mules are the logistics branch (Who make everything the grunts do possible), the US Army infantry carries the largest burden in kinetic operations while on deployment. The Marines get all the attention and, arguably, the hardest work, but the Army does the most of it. When America wants light shock troops focused on quickly subduing an enemy through sheer hoorah and infantry training, they call the Marines. When they want the most versatile and resilient troops, they call the Army. Though overall slower to react when called up (Besides the Rangers and 82nd Airborne), the Army can bring the fight.

These guys were my first attempt at painting multi-cam and as such I was not super happy with them. However, I was not unhappy enough to repaint. Rest assured that my next Army squad will be much closer quality-wise to my Brits.

Here they are:
 Full Squad
 Alpha Team
 Bravo Team
 Squad Leader
 Team Leader
 SAW Gunner
 Team Leader
SAW Gunner

Here is the color template:

Item or Area
Base Coat, Boots, and Uniform
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand
Vallejo (VMC) Basic Skintone
Vallejo (VGC) Black
Brown Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) English Uniform
Light Green Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Golden Olive
Black Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) German Camo Black Brown
Dark Green Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) US Dark Green
Full Figure Wash
Agrax Earthshade
Full Figure Drybrush
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand


  1. If you ask me, you still did a great job with those grunts.

    1. Thanks man, I'm not necessarily unhappy with them, but they were a learning experience, haha.

  2. Looking good Gunnar!
    And if either the Army or the Marines want to be able to do their jobs, the freedom of the seas the Navy provides is required. ;)