Thursday, September 24, 2015

Send in the SEALs!

Whether it is a covert smash and grab or a kill or capture high value target mission behind enemy lines, who do most Americans think of? The Navy SEALs. While they are no longer officially called SEAL Team Six as an organization (They're called DEVGRU, now), there are few military units that garner public awe and attention. This is why we see half of the retired SEALs these days writing books that people gobble up like candy.

And here they are:

I think I will go for a little more contrast on the camo next time I do the desert pattern as the colors don't really show all that well. You live and learn I guess!

And the painting template:

Item or Area
Base Coat, Boots, Helmet and Uniform
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand
Vallejo (VMC) Basic Skintone
Vallejo (VGC) Black
Brown Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Tan Earth
Full Figure Wash
Agrax Earthshade
Full Figure Drybrush
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand


  1. Good to see that the Navy has arrived! Great looking figs there, Gunnar.