Saturday, September 5, 2015

Three is a Crowd: USMC Squad

This time I have a unit of US Marines for you guys. Once again they are Empress miniatures. I am not as pleased with them overall as the Brits and PLA, but I can't be bothered to correct the issues I have with them. I will make sure I fix things next time. Here are the mistakes I made: Vest should be Coyote Brown and the camo should be more brown (I covered the brown too much while stippling them). I know some may say that the woodland uniform was not used in Afghanistan, but they would be incorrect as command allowed them use the woodland camo in the Green Zone so they blended in better. While the desert camo is more versatile for Afghanistan and Iraq, I plan on using these guys for post Afghanistan and other things, so I wanted to do woodland.

Also, before anyone attacks me, they have the M27 rather than the M249 as they are meant to be current.

Here we go! Here is the full squad:

 Alpha Team

 Bravo Team

 Charlie Team

 And the Squad Leader

Let me know what you think! I will have a new post up in a day or two.

Item or Area
Base Coat, Boots, and Uniform
Vallejo (VMC) German Camo Orange Ochre
Vallejo (VMC) Basic Skintone
Vallejo (VGC) Black
Tan Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand
Green Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Golden Olive or GW Warpstone Glow (I used Golden Olive for these guys, but I think I may switch)
Black Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) German Camo Black Brown
Full Figure Wash
Agrax Earthshade
Full Figure Drybrush
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand


  1. Pretty cool, and you can just paint up the rest of the platoon with the coyote vests. if any one asked just say they are wearing experimental camo vests. Hell the military is always changing there uniforms every other year anyways. If or at least experimenting with different ideas.

    1. Yeah, that's why I didn't change it already. I'll just fix the rest.