Monday, September 14, 2015

Little Green Men

Today I bring you guys another squad of Empress moderns. This time it is a squad of mechanized Russian infantry. I do not have the vehicle for the squad yet (I'm not sure that I will even get one any time soon). This squad is what would constitute the dismounted element of the whole unit. There are another 2-3 men in the BMP that functions as a flanking/support element. Unlike the US Army, the Russians use their vehicles independently of their dismounts and they would often not be close enough to the infantry to even be on the table.

So here they are:

Full Squad
Squad Leader
RPG-26 Team
RPK Gunner

Item or Area
Base Coat
Vallejo Pale Sand(90)/Golden Olive(10)
Vallejo (VMC) Basic Skintone
Rifle, Boots
Vallejo (VGC) Black
Brown Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand
Green Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) Russian Uniform
Black Splotches
Vallejo (VMC) German Camo Black Brown
Full Figure Wash
Agrax Earthshade
Full Figure Drybrush
Vallejo (VMC) Pale Sand